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HTS COATINGS Social Media – Online Coatings / HTS Coatings / Harvish Technical Services group of companies. They are having various websites and social media platforms through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, Whatsapp, etc., to showcase daily updates, SSPC, FROSIO Training and certification program details, Schedule, course fees.

The HTS Coatings  Social Media / SSPC / FROSIO scheme is a new comprehensive, structured training scheme for the training, certification, and registration of industrial surface preparation and coating operatives. HTS delivers SSPC / FROSIO / Corrosion Control /Anti-Corrosion Training Programs in India and Middle East that is equivalent to NACE Cip / ICorr / Bags / NACE

HTS COATINGS social media accredited with ISO 9001:2015 with TUV India and conducting various Coating / Painting Inspector’s, Specialist International certification courses from SSPC & FROSIO

HTS COATINGS Social media was created in response to demands from specifying / procurement authorities for evidence of practical training and competency in industrial surface preparation and protective coating application. This would complement other industrial skills sector schemes. Additionally, HTS COATINGS enables contractors to provide ‘best value’ service to maximize coating performance over structure life and to reduce whole life costs.

Considering global and Indian expenditure /cost pertaining to corrosion and replacement of assets, the material integrity at regular intervals is deeming mandatory. To mitigate or alleviate corrosion the sort of control in relates to international prevailing guidelines and standards is deeming imperative, thus the requirement of Corrosion related skills shall be increased to combat corrosion in all industries in India and the rest of the world.

Services offered

  1. SSPC PCI Level 1, 2 & 3 Training & Certification course in INDIA
  2. FROSIO SURFACE TREATMENT Training & Certification program all over the world
  3. Online Coatings Courses for various Industries and Segments
  4. Onsite Airless Spray Painting Training & Certifications
  5. Coating Consultancy Services
  6. Third-Party Inspectors Supply


HTS COATINGS Founder’s Profile

Founder of HTS  having 3 decades of Protective Coating Exposure in Oil, Gas, Petrochemical, and Heavy Industries around the globe. He is possessing SSPC / NACE / FROSIO / ICorr / BGAS / AGA international certifications. HTS started since 2014 and he is delivering various International training and certification courses in India and other International locations.


  1. Experienced Administration Staffs
  2. Experienced Instructors / Tutors
  3. Full-sized Practical Labs
  4. Using latest Coating Instruments for various courses
  5. Always LOWEST COURSE FEES for all programs
  6. 98-100% Passing rate in all batches (SSPC & FROSIO)
  7. Dedicated Students service & portal
  8. 24×7 service access


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