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Harvish Technical Services

Harvish Technical Services deals with SSPC, FROSIO, Painting Inspectors, Coating Inspectors and Coating Specialists scheme is a new comprehensive, structured training scheme for the training, certification, and registration of industrial surface preparation and coating operatives. HTS delivers SSPC / FROSIO / Corrosion Control /Anti-Corrosion Training Programs in India and Middle East that is equivalent to nace Cip / ICorr / Bgas / NACE painting Inspectors

Harvish Technical Services accredited with ISO 9001:2015 with TUV India and conducting various Coating Inspectors / Painting Inspectors, Coating Specialists International certification courses from SSPC & FROSIO.

Harvish Technical Services / HTS COATINGS / SSPC / FROSIO / Coating Inspectors / Painting Inspectors was created in response to demands from specifying / procurement authorities for evidence of practical training and competency in industrial surface preparation and protective coating specialists application. This would complement other industrial skills sector schemes. Additionally, HTS COATINGS enables contractors to provide ‘best value’ service to maximise coating performance over structure life and to reduce whole life costs with the professional painting inspectors from FROSIO or SSPC.

Corrosion Control / Anti-corrosion Training / SSPC / FROSIO / Industrial Coating / Corrosion Control / Painting Inspectors

Most large industrial jobs will have a specification for HTS COATINGS approved contractors, meaning that any individual wishing to work on the project. That will be required to have an approved card. Where most companies are prepared to put their employees through the training they generally would prefer if their sub-contractors already held the certificate. As a self-employed individual we believe already having HTS COATINGS training and certification will significantly increase your chances of securing work within the industrial paintings and coatings industry as a Painting Inspectors or Coating Inspector or Coating Applicators.

Harvish Technical Services Mission

Considering global and Indian expenditure /cost pertaining to corrosion and replacement of asset, the material integrity at regular interval is deeming mandatory. To mitigate or alleviate corrosion the sort of control in relates to international prevailing guidelines and standards are deeming imperative, thus the requirement of Corrosion related skills shall be increased to combat corrosion in all industries in India and rest of the world.

Harvish Technical Services / HTS COATINGS delivers practical training for industrial surface preparation and coating operatives not offered by any other sector scheme in and around India. It incorporates up to date practices and use of current coating materials. Harvish Technical Services exceeds the evidence of training requirements of existing for Decorative, Finishing and Industrial Painting Operations.

There is no minimum experience requirement that must be met by candidates for the Industrial Coatings Applicator qualification. All candidates for Abrasive Blast Cleaning Operator, and other specialized modules must hold the Industrial Coatings Applicator qualification prior to commencing a specialist module course.

Practical Trainings

Low Cost

Improve Skills

No Minimum Experience

SSPC / FROSIO Painting Inspectors Offers

SSPC PCI Training and Certifiation

SSPC PCS Training and Certifiation

Frosio Surface Treatment Training & Certifiation Program

Grit Blasting & Airless Spray Intensive Training & Certification by HTS Group

Government Of India Approved Skill Training Center ( NSDC , PCSC , SKILL INDIA )

ICorr Coating Inspector Training and Certification (by our UK associates)

American Welding Society (AWS Welding Inspector Program) in Chennai

Third Party Inspection Services

Industrial Coating Consultancy services

Coating Failure

Coating Inspection Instruments / Equipment Supply & Hire

Industrial Coating New Projects Start-up

Industrial Coating Projects – Contracts division

Skilled & Semi-skilled Manpower hire / supply (Long term basis)

Skilled & Semi-skilled Placement assistance

Coating / Painting Inspector Placement assistance with various clients

HTS Coatings Expert Team Members


Founder / CEO

HTS COATINGS started by R. Venkat since 2015 and he is having 3 decades of Protective Coating Exposure in Oil, Gas, Petrochemical and Heavy Industries around the globe. He is possessing SSPC / NACE / FROSIO / ICorr / Bgas / AGA international certifications



Senior Coating Specialist

Mr. Ravichandran who is SSPC / NACE certified coating specialist and having 3 decades of Industrial coating experience in India and abroad. He is with with BERGER PAINTS INDIA as a “Senior Manager (Training & Development)



Senior Coating Specialist

He has tons of experience in Industrial coating application / Training / consultancy services in Egypt / Middle East / India. He has entire coating related certifications such as SSPC / FROSIO / NACE / BGAS / ICorr etc.,




Mr. Vikash who is SSPC PCI Level 2 certification and having supported all SSPC PCI & FROSIO Examination activities.



Administration Manager

Mr. Murali who is part of HTS COATING day to day operations and administration. He is having more than 3 decades of business administration experience